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Tricorp was founded in 2004. By 2007, it was recognized as the fastest growing company in the Sacramento area and its four surrounding counties. In 2010, Tricorp acquired Hearn Construction to expand its market and geographical reach. By 2011, Tricorp had expanded its operations to the Central Valley and Southern California with Multifamily and Hospitality work.

In 2014, Tricorp closed several of its Southern California offices, and started Tricorp Group, a new corporation to focus on projects being constructed in Northern California bringing all operations back to its Sacramento headquarters.

The decision to focus on Northern California work, fewer projects as well as less revenue has paid handsome dividends for Tricorp Group, clients, and its building partners. The company has become well known for its successful delivery of innovative and challenging projects due to its focused approach, and direct involvement of its principals on every project.  

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