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We utilize our experience with hundreds of projects to provide reliable feasibility studies. This initial study helps determine the site selection, building type and size. We study the existing utility infrastructure as well as geotechnical information to help identify accurate cost and constructability options at an early stage. This process allows our clients to make the best-informed decisions in their development plans.


We have a history of providing accurate estimates throughout the preconstruction phase. We suggest a minimum of three (3) estimates at select design stages to test the overall and all trade costs. Due to our detailed approach and experience, we can quickly pinpoint the exact areas of opportunities for cost improvement during early stages of design. We have a large database of pre-qualified subcontractors who have completed work with us on a multitude of projects. We like to involve the subcontractors as soon as there are adequate details in the documents to take advantage of real-time market evaluation and generate interest in your project within the subcontractor community.


Value Engineering to us means we need to be diligent in our input during design to introduce ideas that bring the maximum value to the project for its cost and intended use. Our efforts to plan, set the right logistics, set schedule, estimate at each design milestone, solicit subcontractor input, collaborate with the design team  and perform constructability reviews all add up to what we consider to be the best value engineering approach for any project. Our goal is to avoid any surprises at or near the end of the preconstruction period that forces value engineering as a last minute resolution to fix budget issues that could have been avoided through a well-delivered preconstruction process.


Our extensive background gives us the tools to review the project documents and quickly identify constructability issues. We complete our constructability review in a collaborative environment involving our superintendents, project managers and subcontractors. We like to start this process as soon as building systems and site logistics are being developed, especially civil, structural, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and the building envelope. We test the options based on cost, performance and maintenance to minimize construction and maintenance costs. Then we monitor and comment on the details as they are developed to make certain that they meet our estimates and can be easily constructed.

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